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2017 IMGA Fall Show - September 9th & 10th!

The 2014 ISF 4-H Meat Goat Champion was exhibited by Chloe Goretska
of Wayne County and purchased by the IMGA at the Sale of Champions.

Thank You!

Dear lowa Meat Goat Association,

Thank you for your generous support by accepting me for the IFAA scholarship. Without your help, my dreams and education would be jeopardized. lt is donors like yourself, which make a huge difference in people's lives.

My plans are to attend Dordt College for Plant Science in order to study more about soil, water, plants, and animals in order to promote and sustain proper conservation. I also hope to actively participate in agriculture and pursue agricultural related fields and activities. Agriculture is such a challenging, rewarding, and fulfilling career that I plan to continue to enjoy, learn about, and participate in. My tuition at this college is higher than public universities, but I believe well worth it. Your gift and investment will be a great aid in helping me attend this school and learn more about taking care of the land to the best of our ability with our current technology at hand.

Thank you again for your generous support through the IFAA. I hope to make the IFAA and yourselves proud and make the most of your financial support. Someday, hopefully I will be able to return the f;avor and become part of your mission and organization.

Jacob Beyer

IMGA County Fair Trophy Sponsorship Request Form 

* We are no longer accepting trophy applications for 2015, but will resume support again in 2016.

The Iowa Meat Goat Association as part of its efforts to "Promote the Goat" will provide up to $20 annually to an Iowa county for sponsorship of one meat goat trophy.  The program is limited to a 4-H/FFA meat goat wether or breeding doe division.  The program is managed on a "first come first serve basis" as the board approves a set of funds for the program each year.

Please fill out the form below and return by mail or email to the IMGA Treasurer.

County Fair Trophy IMGA Sponsorship Request Form


If you would like an IMGA representative to come and speak to your local 4-H Club or FFA Chapter, please send an email inquiry to:


Marketing Infomation to Use

Upcoming Events:

        1. ISU Animal Learning Day (4/11/15 9am-1pm)
        2. Spring Youth Project Sale (4/12/15)
        3. Educational Event Ideas - *Artificial Insemination and/or Embryo Flushing *Clipping & Fitting Clinic
        4. Show Box Raffle
        5. Cooking Contests
        6. Fall Production Sale

Past Event Recaps:


The Iowa Meat Goat Association would like to thank the Iowa State University Col-lege of Ag Ambassadors and the Collegiate Beef Team for inviting us to participate in the 2013 VEISHEA Power Up for Protein tent along with the other major livestock commodity groups Saturday April 20th 2013.

A special thanks goes out to Susan Krummen for all of her help setting up the display, and to Elise Gallet de St Aurin for making sure that the IMGA was included in the event. Elise raises goats and is a grad student at ISU working on a thesis related to the goat industry. Thank you Elise!  The students were a huge help in handing out a few hundred samples of goat meat sticks to the public and helping Promote the Goat!

If there are any projects in your area where you believe the IMGA can help "Promote the Goat", please contact an IMGA board member to see if we can be of assistance. The IMGA exists to promote all areas of the meat goat industry!