Member Stories

IMGA Members:  Please share highlights and successes of your operations.  The IMGA wants to know how you, someone else or some other group has or is working to increase the awareness of goat production or goat meat consumption.   We will highlight happenings on this page.  Please send the information via the Contact page or directly to

Goat Meat Chili Recipe Voted "Best Chili"

On Friday, October 25, 2013 a group of co-workers hosted their 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off competition. Matt Hanson won top honors with a chili recipe that contained a "special" main ingredient - GROUND GOAT! Peers presented Matt with a traveling trophy after voting his goat meat chili as "Best Chili". The goat meat was provided courtesy of Shawna Fetters. Pictured: Matt Hanson with his traveling trophy and Shawna Fetters.

Premier 1 Supplies Features the IMGA Queen

What do you like most about goats? They have a personality. I had one that absolutely loved me. I would walk outside and it would jump out of the pen and follow me around. I had a collar and leash for it and would walk it like a dog. Dad eventually got tired of it coming up to the house and scratching at our door.

Any advice for folks just starting out with goats? Get along with them. They're more like pets than livestock. It helps to get into that mentality.

What's your favorite goat-based meal? I love goat burritos. They're yummy!

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4-H Presentation

Andrew Vincent from Polk City IA, a member of the Alleman Aces 4-H Club, gave a presentation to his 4-H club about "How to Feed a Bottle Baby Kid".  Andrew and his sister are working to get more kids interested in showing goats this year at the Polk County Fair.